Ours is a unique Summer riding program that started in 1947. After 70+ years, it is an integral part of the community of Woodside. The program is ability based; the participants are rated during the first week of the summer and are placed in a riding level appropriate to their current skill level. This is done so that the child feels at ease in their riding group as well as for safety reasons.

WJR is for the “horse crazy” kids. Throughout the summer they help with the grooming, saddling, feeding, tack cleaning, and other elements of horsemanship. Our more experienced riders help to mentor the newer riders, forming friendships that last for a lifetime.

WJR holds the distinction of being the most affordable riding program in the area as families are encouraged to volunteer throughout the summer and it also relies on donations from its families and the community.

The program runs from mid-June to mid-August each summer.

A Celebration of Horsemanship & Accomplishment

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