Riders must wear appropriate riding attire for lessons. Comfortable jeans, long pants or breeches all work well. Shorts or capri pants are not permitted as stirrup leathers will pinch the skin.

Shoes can be riding boots, cowboy boots, paddock boots, or other sturdy shoes with a heel of ½” to 1 ½” and smooth soles. Absolutely no sandals, thongs, sneakers or open toe/heel shoes of any kind are permitted for safety.

Since children will be working around horses, riding boots/shoes are required for Wednesday clinics.

A well-fitting riding helmet must be worn at all times when on a horse. Students are required to have their own helmet to insure proper fit and sanitation.

Anyone (parents, students or siblings) handling horses must wear closed-toe shoes
Daily, send your child with sunscreen, snacks or lunch, drinks – the arena is very sunny and hot.

Plan on getting dirty…one “kiss” from a horse can stain a nice white shirt!

Cell phones do not always work at Tripp Rd. There is a phone available for local calls (urgent calls only).

Label all clothing, especially helmets, sweatshirts and jackets.

Students must arrive 20 minutes prior to their lesson. Students arriving late may not be permitted to ride that day (at the discretion of the instructor).

Visiting dogs must be well socialized, child friendly and on a leash – other wise please leave them at home or in your car.

Children under 8 (students and siblings) must be accompanied at all times by an adult when on the property.

No running, jumping or rough play in or around the arena, especially on the platform next to the arena. Children are not permitted in or around the vaulting arena.

Students and other children are not permitted in the horse paddocks or paddock areas unless they are getting horses out, feeding lunch or doing other approved work in that area.

Students and other children are not permitted to play in the feed room.

Riding Attire Summary:
Comfortable jeans, pants or breeches (no shorts)
Boots with a ½” to 1 /1/2″ heel
Well-fitting helmet

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